November 30, 2010


November 30, 2010 - .  

breakfast: shredded wheat with soymilk; coffee

lunch: leftover quinoa with sausage and roasted vegetables

dinner from Lin’s Garden: General Tso’s Tofu and Buddha’s Delight (snow peas, green beans, broccoli), both with white rice


November 30, 2010 - .  

breakfast: Tazo “refresh” tea with french vanilla soy creamer; almonds

lunch: leftovers from thanksgiving- tofurky, stuffing, mashed potatoes; mac and cheese from garden grille; microwaved carrots, peas, corn, green beans and lima beans

snack: Jokerz candy bar (I was selfish and only gave one of the candy bars I got in NY as a gift).

dinner: leftover sweet potato yam patty with follow your heart cheese; leftover quinoa; 4 bowls of miso soup

dessert: roasted squash seeds

November 29, 2010


November 29, 2010 - .  

breakfast: coconut yogurt; warmed pita with Earth Balance; coffee

cereal with Earth Balance brand soymilk (too sweet, but tasty) at lab meeting

lunch: leftover mashed potatoes; leftover bread-Tofutti-green-bean rolls; soymilk

dinner: quinoa with roasted veggies and vegan sausage (click for the recipe); Brooklyn Brewery Pilsner


  • 2.25c quinoa, soaked for at least 15min., rinsed, and drained
  • 2c broth (I dissolve bouillon in hot water)
  • 1c water
  • 2 bay leaves
  • 2 carrots, chopped
  • 1/4-1/2 head of cabbage, chopped
  • half a bulb of fennel, chopped
  • red pepper flakes (a tsp if you want it to be spicy)
  • several sprigs of thyme
  • 1 sprig of rosemary, chopped and then soaked in olive oil
  • 2 Field Roast Italian sausages, cut into discs
  • 4 cloves garlic, minced
  • an equal amount of ginger as garlic (about an inch), minced
  • olive oil
  • 2-3 T Earth Balance (optional)
  • salt and pepper to taste

Combine quinoa, broth, water, and bay leaves in a pot with a pinch of salt.  Cook on med-high until simmering.  Once simmering, reduce heat to low and cover until cooked, about 30 minutes.  If water runs dry (steam stops escaping) and quinoa is not done, add more water.

In an oven-safe dish (like a Dutch oven), roast the carrots, cabbage, fennel, and red pepper flakes in olive oil with salt and pepper at 400F for about 20-30 minutes (until veggies are soft).

Saute the sausage in a bit of olive oil on med-low heat.  After browned on both sides, add the garlic, ginger, thyme, and rosemary.  After a few minutes (the garlic and ginger should be just starting to brown), add the roasted veggies and the quinoa.  Saute together for a couple minutes, optionally adding Earth Balance.


November 29, 2010 - .  

breakfast: soy latte; almonds

lunch: leftovers from thanksgiving- tofurky; stuffing; mashed potatoes

dinner: sweet potato yam patty (recipe from moosewood) with follow your heart cheese; quinoa with cilantro, parsley, roasted acorn squash, roasted pine nuts; roasted walnut; sauteed red onion; lemon juice

dessert: pomegranate licorice; grapes; trader joe’s chocolate chips

November 28, 2010


November 28, 2010 - .  

brunch: coffee; leftover Thanksgiving food (Tofurkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, roasted veggies, mushroom gravy)

dinner: more leftovers with fresh mashed potatoes; green-bean-tofutti rolls (flatten bread, then roll with chive&herb Tofutti and steamed green beans, then coat with Earth Balance, then freeze, then chop into thirds, then bake at 325F for 15minutes); more green beans; more of Amy’s chocolate cake that came for free with the Tofurkey; Vermont White Ale; Brooklyn Brewery Pilsner

stacey- rhode island day 7

November 28, 2010 - .  

brunch at julian’s: special (i don’t remember what it was); french toast; peppermint tea with steamed soy milk

snacks: chamomile tea; sweet tarts; dr. cow cheese

dinner: leftover mac and cheese from garden grille; leftovers from thanksgiving: stuffing; mashed potatoes; tofurky

dessert: more sweet tarts/ a ton of pretzels (i feel so sick!)

November 27, 2010


November 27, 2010 - .  

breakfast: toasted everything bagel with Tofutti and red onion; coffee

lunch: leftovers (Tofurkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, gravy, etc.)

leftover apple pie

dinner: Tofurkey frozen pizza (with Daiya); sauteed beet greens with Bragg’s liquid aminos; Harvey Wallbangers

Amy’s chocolate cake that came free with the Tofurkey; Luna and Larry’s chocolate coconut bar

stacey- rhode island day 6

November 27, 2010 - .  

pre brunch: oj

brunch at rasoi (i think this is the best vegan food i’ve had): the buffet: with salad; lentil soup; rice patty; fried lentil doughnuts; vegetable curry with rice; beets

kettle salt and vinegar chips

dinner at garden grille: miso soup and mac and cheese

November 26, 2010


November 26, 2010 - .  

breakfast: leftover stuffing; coffee

lunch/snacks: leftover Tofurkey with portobella gravy; salt and vinegar chips; Johnny cake

green tea

leftover asparagus-Tofutti rolls; Johnny cake; a Manhattan with cherries

dinner: more Thanksgiving food… another Tofurkey (bought on clearance today for $12) roasted with quartered onion, beets, carrots, garlic, and green beans; mushroom gravy (this time with button mushrooms); leftover roasted sweet potato and carrots; leftover roasted garlic mashed potatoes; leftover wild rice bread stuffing; salad; leftover apple pie; red wine

stacey- rhode island day 5/ boston- vegan fail

November 26, 2010 - .  

breakfast: garlic bagel with tofutti from bagelz

snacks in the car on the way to boston for lisa’s bachelorette: leftover tofurky; fruit salad; leftover stuffing from portobello; veggie sticks (red pepper; celery, carrots)

snacks in the hotel room: pretzels; sweet tarts; stoudt’s fat dog beer

lisa’s bachelorette dinner at maggiano’s: sam adams lager; they brought me out a salad that clearly wasn’t vegan because it had croutons. i decided to eat around the croutons when they promised me everything else about it was vegan. it turns out they were wrong- it has cheese.  they took the salad away and brought me a second salad with olive oil and vinegar; spaghetti with marinara sauce

November 25, 2010

katherine – Happy Vegan Thanksgiving!

November 25, 2010 - .  

breakfast while watching Macy’s Day Parade (from an apartment on the parade route!): poppy seed bagel with hummus and tomatoes; kalamata olives; coffee

lunch/snacks: raspberries; tofu jerky “wishstix” that came with the Tofurkey; vegan Johnny cake (sweet corn bread, basically); tastes of everything while cooking; Prosecco (may not be vegan); asparagus/Tofutti little baked rolls; Manhattan with a cherry; taste of almond milk to determine that I did not want to use it for mashed potatoes

dinner: Tofurkey (baste: olive oil, veggie broth, soy sauce, sage) with roasted vegetables (sweet potato, quartered onion, carrot, and garlic, tossed in a olive oil, salt, and pepper); portobella mushroom gravy (click for recipe);


  • 1-2 T olive oil
  • 1 yellow onion, chopped
  • 4-5 cloves garlic, minced
  • 1-2 sprigs (~1 T) fresh rosemary, chopped a bit and then soaked in olive oil to soften
  • 1-2 sprigs (~1 tsp) fresh thyme
  • 5 portobella mushrooms, chopped
  • 2 T Earth Balance margarine
  • 2 T white flour
  • 2-3c broth
  • salt and pepper to taste (if using a salted broth, probably not necessary)

Saute the onion in the olive oil. After a few minutes, add the garlic, rosemary, and thyme. After a few more minutes, add the mushrooms. Saute 5-10 minutes, until the mushrooms are cooked down.

Separately, make a roux. Melt the Earth Balance, and then add the flour bit by bit over heat, stirring to keep from sticking. Once all the flour is added, cook/stir for about 5 minutes.

To the sauteed vegetables, add 1 c broth and cook until simmering. Stir in about a third of the roux to thicken. After a few minutes, add a second cup of broth and more roux. Simmer for about 15 minutes, adding the remaining broth and roux as desired to achieve desired thickness. (I used all the roux and probably about 2.5c broth). Keep in mind that the gravy will thicken somewhat upon cooling, so the consistency while simmering should seem a bit too watery.

wild rice bread stuffing (click for recipe);

Recipe for 12-15 people

  • 1 bulb fennel, chopped small
  • 7-8 stalks celery, chopped small
  • 1.5-2 yellow onions, chopped small
  • lots of fresh sage (about 20-25 leaves), minced
  • lots of fresh thyme (about 6-8 full/branched sprigs)
  • 1.5-2c fresh parsley, chopped
  • 2 tsp poultry seasoning
  • salt and pepper to taste
  • 2/3 to 3/4 c Earth Balance margarine
  • 2 loaves bread (I used Vermont bread company organic wheat), cut into cubes (not toasted!)
  • 1 cup wild rice, cooked
  • 3 c vegetable broth

Saute the onion, celery, fennel, sage, thyme, and seasoning in most of the Earth Balance (saving about 1/4 cup).  Add a few big pinches salt and pepper.  After the vegetables are well cooked (about 10 minutes), turn off the heat and stir in the remaining Earth Balance.

Toss the sauteed vegetables and the wild rice into the bread.  Slowly add the broth to desired consistency, turning with a spoon to combine (a lifting/turning motion is better than vigorous stirring, which makes it too mushy).  Don’t add so much broth that there is unabsorbed broth at the bottom of the bowl, but don’t be scared of it being pretty soft (I added the entire 3 cups for the type of bread I used).

In a coverable baking dish (I use a Dutch oven), bake at 350F for 30-40 minutes.  Remove the lid and cook uncovered for another 10-20 minutes so the top gets crispy.

roasted garlic mashed potatoes (red potatoes, boiled then mashed with Earth Balance, soy milk, salt, pepper, and an entire roasted head of garlic); another sweet potato dish; green beans; cranberry sauce; salad; red wine (may not be vegan)

vegan apple pie; dessert wine (may not be vegan)

stacey- ri day 4

November 25, 2010 - .  

breakfast: garlic bagel with tofuitti from bagelz (eaten at home); oj

thanksgiving: stuffing; tofurky; harvest stuffed portobello mushrooms; mashed potatoes; yams; salad; asian vegetables


November 24, 2010


November 24, 2010 - .  

breakfast: coconut yogurt (by So Delicious); toast on homemade sundried tomato bread with Earth Balance and a bit of Chive Tofutti cream cheese; coffee

lunch: peanut butter and jelly sandwich

salt and vinegar chips; an avocado

dinner: take-out from Lin’s Garden: Ma Po tofu (soft tofu with peas and carrots) and sauteed string beans with brown rice; Harvey Wallbanger (orange juice with vodka and galliano)

stacey- rhode island day 3

November 24, 2010 - .  

breakfast: garlic bagel with tofuitti from bagelz (eaten at home)

snacks: pizza strips from calvitto’s ; kettel salt and vinegar chips

drinks: narragasentt beer; flying dog winter ale; oj

dinner: vegetable patty made by whole foods (it tastes like stuffing!); avocado sushi; carrots; broccoli; cauliflower; toasted sesame snap peas with shitake mushrooms

dessert: ice cream: purely decadent coconut milk cookies and cream- yuck

November 23, 2010


November 23, 2010 - .  

breakfast: shredded wheat with soymilk; coffee

lunch: leftover stuffing

half an avocado; last bite of chocolate chip cookies

dinner: leftover stuffing; roasted chickpeas with garlic and za’atar seasoning; toasted sun-dried tomato bread with Earth Balance and za’atar seasoning; Vermont White Ale

stacey- Rhode Island day 2

November 23, 2010 - .  

breakfast: smoothie (peach, apple, blueberries, banana, almond milk, ice); toast with earth balance

lunch (Chinese food for mom’s birthday) at Bejing Restaurant- tofu with vegetables and broccoli with garlic sauce. the soup that comes with the lunch special is probably not vegan so we substituted for extra vegetables

dinner: leftover chinese food; leftovers from garden grille (crab cakes and seared seitan); oj; leftover pasta from ruby tuesday

November 22, 2010


November 22, 2010 - .  

breakfast: toasted sun-dried tomato bread with Earth Balance; coffee

lunch: leftover tofu on sun-dried tomato bread with mustard; chocolate chip cookies

more toast with Earth Balance; more chocolate chip cookies

dinner: trial run of stuffing (recipe will be posted on Thanksgiving); Field Roast vegetarian Italian sausage; raw kale salad with avocado; Vermont White Ale

stacey- Rhode Island day 1

November 22, 2010 - .  

breakfast: leftover smoothie from last night; rice crispies with almond milk; toast with earth balance

snacks: biscotti

lunch at ruby tuesday: children’s pasta with marinara sauce; salad bar (lettuce, red onion, cucumber, green pepper, artichoke hearts, chickpeas, sunflower seeds, balsamic vinaigrette)

dinner at garden grille (i think this was the best vegan food i’ve ever had. plus, hermione (emma watson) from harry potter was at the restaurant): hearts of palm “crabcakes” with chipotle aioli on a bed of arugula; chipotle seared seitan with wasabi mustard dipping sauce; pepita encrusted tempeh with sweet & spicy mustard glaze, roasted asparagus, cranberry and sliced almond quinoa, red wine beet reduction and chive oil; baked vegan macaroni and cheese with broccoli and crimini mushrooms

November 21, 2010


November 21, 2010 - .  

breakfast: oatmeal; dried apricots; espresso

lunch: peanut butter and jelly sandwiches

snacks during Park Slope Co-op orientation: Newman’s chocolate sandwich cookies; potato chips; carrots with hummus

dinner: Campbell’s tomato soup made with soymilk; open-faced sandwiches on homemade bread (recipe from Vegan Planet, adding sundried tomato, sesame seeds, and herbs incl. rosemary, tarragon, thyme) with mustard, baked tofu (baked in a marinade of mustard, white balsamic vinegar, Bragg’s, olive oil, red pepper flakes, and Sriracha), and avocado

homemade chocolate chip cookies; Nectar Ale IPA

stacey- atlanta day 2

November 21, 2010 - .  

brunch for my cousin’s wedding: blackberries; raspberries; blueberries; strawberries; salty oatmeal

snacks at the airport on the way to Rhode Island: biscotti; pretzel rods

snacks on the plane: pretzels; tomato juice; bagel (?)

dinner: smoothie (coconut plain yogurt; frozen fruit (blackberries; strawberries; raspberries; blueberries); banana; almond milk); pistachio nuts from turkey; leftovers from r. thomas; saltines with dr. cow cheese

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