July 15, 2010


July 15, 2010 - .  

whole wheat tortilla with soyrizo, avocado, tomato, salsa huichol, ground black pepper, and white rice with finely shredded spinach and green onions mixed in for the last few minutes of steaming; small orange

celery with creamy peanut butter and raisins

indian style potatoes and spinach (recipe here); white rice; basil-sriracha sauce with some other stuff in it; 1/2 session lager

peanut butter chocolate pretzel nuggets, dark chocolate covered sour cherries, chocolate covered ginger from whole foods bulk bins; coffee at mozart’s

kim’s magic pop

July 12, 2010


July 12, 2010 - .  

nutty banana bread; blueberries

coffee, honey nut cheerios, and a spoonful of skippy creamy peanut butter while babysitting

carrot; homemade sun dried tomato-artichoke hummus with broccoli and green bell pepper; steamed kale; salt & vinegar fries inspired by this recipe; banana bread

target brand fig newtons; red delicious apple; carrot with hummus; fig newtons

coffee from mozart’s; tortilla pizza/burrito mess topped with leftover pizza sauce and tvp crumbles plus spinach, “baked” in the trunk of my car (obviously a meal on the run)

garbanzo bean brownies, halfway baked (couldn’t wait); leftover chocolate chips

July 9, 2010


July 9, 2010 - .  

1/2 red delicious apple; spoonful of peanut butter

slow rise pancakes with chile blackberry syrup and sliced banana; 1/2 small orange. the pancakes turned out rather strange–i think because the homemade soy milk was still warm when i added it, it made the yeast go crazy–but the blackberry syrup turned out delicious and would be perfect to bring to a classy brunch potluck.

carrot; handful of crazy core skittles (i love the mango peach flavor); handfuls of thai curry, black pepper, and spicy cayenne cashews from HEB bulk; plum

tortilla pizza with five-minute tomato sauce, curried chickpeas, roasted zucchini and onions, and tvp crumbles; watermelon

topo chico and a few sips of coffee at cherrywood coffeehouse

lemon tea JOOSE (same nasty taste, but with a slightly more pleasant aftertaste, and 12% alcohol!); crazy core skittles; shot of tequila + lime and a lone star at club de ville; 1/2 an order of fries with spicy seasoning, ketchup, mustard, hot sauce from a trailer on 6th street; more watermelon

July 2, 2010


July 2, 2010 - .  

toasted homemade bread with peanut butter and 1/2 banana; 1/2 mango

leftover 3-bean salad with zucchini, avocado, tomato, honey-balsamic dressing in a whole wheat tortilla; smoothie with peaches, frozen banana, homemade soy milk

four jujubes and one strawberry while babysitting

carrot; banana with soynut butter; samples at central market (raspberry apple juice, dark chocolate raisins, dark chocolate sandwich cookie)

recipe from ‘arabesque’ by claudia roden (a beautiful and great cookbook): pasta with lentils and caramelized onions; spinach pie filling (spinach sauteed with onion, salt, pepper, allspice, lemon juice); 1/2 wheat beer homebrew; 1/2 fireman’s four; 1/2 session lager

on drive to houston: kamut krispie treats with currants and dates (inspired by this recipe for vegan rice krispie treats); coffee (beans from anderson’s)

June 21, 2010


June 21, 2010 - .  

toasted homemade bread with apple butter and cinnamon

samples at HEB: medjool date, cherries, almond butter, dried strawberries

homemade hummus, tomato, avocado, spinach in a flour tortilla; carrot

two whole wheat fig bars from HEB bulk; red delicious apple; handful of peanuts

brown rice, lentils with onions and carrots, steamed kale all topped with sloppy sauce; valencia orange; handful of chocolate chips

decaf americano at cherrywood coffee house

perfectly ripe and juicy texas peach

June 13, 2010


June 13, 2010 - .  

toasted homemade bread with apple butter; peach and banana

roasted tomato soup from 101cookbooks; everything bread from freezer; steamed kale with leftover ginger-miso dressing

soynut butter and raspberry preserves in a pan-warmed whole wheat tortilla; smoothie with mango, frozen banana, soy milk

french press at cafe medici

brown rice, potatoes, spinach, green beans, tofu topped with indonesian instant peanut sauce and kecap manis (indonesian sweet soy sauce); watermelon; dried pineapple. i forgot to mention in previous posts: the ingredients imported from indonesia were found at golden pacific market in chicago

animal crackers; tea from an unlabeled tea bag from trader joe’s

June 4, 2010


June 4, 2010 - .  

fiesta cornflakes sprinkled with ground flax (out of soy milk); grapefruit; taste of smoothie (see below)

salad (romaine, carrot, beet, avocado, ginger-miso dressing, i forgot the raisins and cashews) in a whole wheat wrap; banana-coconut-guava muffin from freezer

smoothie with frozen strawberries, frozen bananas, spinach, lots of fragrant basil from the farmers market, h2o

o.n.e. coconut water with a splash of pink guava mixed with gin. o.n.e. coconut water with a splash of pink guava is gross and i poured it out after a few sips. also, o.n.e. stands for “one natural experience” and i hate that the “o” in the acronym “o.n.e.” stands for “one.” gross all around.

snobby joes (recipe from ‘veganomicon’) on toasted counterculture bun

draft pbr at the parlor

black bean brownies following this recipe. they turned out super weird and i melted chocolate chips on top of some of them to make them more satisfyingly chocolatey. i’ve made good black bean brownies before, but they were much less healthy- i think the recipe called for a cup of butter. maybe i’ll try veganizing that recipe sometime

May 12, 2010


May 12, 2010 - .  

cornflakes with raisins, ground flax, almond milk; grapefruit

pinto bean burger with chile-lime mayo, romaine, tomato on counter culture bread; graham crackers and apple juice

small gala apple

leftover harissa pasta (see yesterday’s); leftover quinoa cornbread (see last week). both recipes adapted from 101cookbooks

iced coconut green tea and half a molasses cookie at the steeping room; cashews (spicy cayenne, thai curry, mesquite bbq, black pepper), dark chocolate covered cacao nibs, dark chocolate covered banana chips from heb bulk; blackberries (77 cents a pint at heb)

addendum: late night snack of banana with peanut butter

May 10, 2010


May 10, 2010 - .  

cornflakes with raisins, ground flax, almond milk

pinto bean patties with chile lime “mayo” (recipe from 1,000 vegan recipes) in a whole wheat tortilla with tomato and romaine

carrot; small gala apple; banana coconut guava muffin

samples at central market (where i spent 4 cents on a spice i needed): tortilla chips and salsa, tangerine, pineapple, grape, magic pop with peanut butter; sample at natural grocers: freshly ground peanut butter

a version of harissa spaghettini from 101 cookbooks (i made my own harissa loosely following this recipe and using mainly guajillo peppers with a couple chipotles, then tossed it with rotini, kale, sauteed mushrooms, black olives, lemon zest, lemon juice, and sea salt); dried pineapple; lindt intense dark chocolate