May 6, 2012

stacey- baltimore weekend with katherine, michael, amy, and pepper

May 6, 2012 - .  

the brewer’s art: (always amazing). fries with garlic, lemony, and rosemary; a sip of the ozzy (it’s light. good, but not their best); resurrection (it’s great! i think it’s my favorite one); we had one other one that was very good, but i can’t find it on the menu

golden west cafe: (the riblet is amazing!) katherine, michael, and i shared the riblet (AMAZING); drew special (it’s ok); vegan burrito (it’s ok); peanut noodles;

the land of kush: (it’s ok, not amazing). bbq ribs; mac and cheese; cabbage; collards; vegan omelet (it’s really a scramble); sorrel

pitango gelato: (really good) they have very creamy vegan sorbet. we tried tastes of raspberry, mango, chocolate with a hint of orange, pomegranate, mojito, chocolate noir, bosc pear, passion fruit. katherine ordered the raspberry with chocolate noir and i ordered the chocolate noir with pomegranate. mango and chocolate noir were our favorite flavors, but we weren’t sure if they would go well together.

bohemian coffee house: (it’s cute and has live music):iced coffee with soy milk