July 4, 2010

emily – new orleans

July 4, 2010 - .  

i had TWO vegan failures today. new orleans is a challenge, but these were really due to my own carelessness/lack of planning…

cinnamon raisin toast, green tea, banana, carrot/celery/apple juice from ann’s live food (stand at houston farmer’s market)

fresh ginger limeade at cafe rose nicaud

red beans and rice that were probably not vegetarian. this was due to an emergency situation involving bikes, flat tires, pouring rain, getting separated from friends, eating late, and not having a lot of options- the red beans and rice seemed best and i didn’t ask any questions.

bloody mary at the organic banana. it was the first bloody mary i’d had in years because i don’t really like them, although this one was delicious. however, after i drank it, i asked about the ingredients so i could recreate it and found out that there’s usually worcestershire sauce in them- again, probably not vegetarian. yikes.


carrot; toasted bagel with soynut butter and banana

shiner blonde during fireworks; black chicory coffee at cafe du monde

July 3, 2010

emily – houston and new orleans

July 3, 2010 - .  

banana, melon, jicama, kamut krispie treat (see yesterday’s)

at houston farmer’s market, samples from ann’s live food: green vegetable juice, avocado-chocolate mousse, almond-sunflower seed “omelette”

lunch on the drive to new orleans: farmer’s market baguette with cedar’s red pepper hummus; farmer’s market organic blueberries; melon

banana with soynut butter; kamut krispie treat; shiner blonde; melon

dinner at lola’s (on stacey’s recommendation, although i realized that katherine and marcy and i had been there together three years ago!): vegetarian paella; tons of bread and garlic “butter”; housemade sangria. i asked about the garlic butter, and found out that they put raw garlic in a food processor and blend it while slowly adding olive oil, along with salt and lemon juice, until it reaches a buttery consistency. it’s so good!!

mints at the hotel