July 3, 2010

emily – houston and new orleans

July 3, 2010 - .  

banana, melon, jicama, kamut krispie treat (see yesterday’s)

at houston farmer’s market, samples from ann’s live food: green vegetable juice, avocado-chocolate mousse, almond-sunflower seed “omelette”

lunch on the drive to new orleans: farmer’s market baguette with cedar’s red pepper hummus; farmer’s market organic blueberries; melon

banana with soynut butter; kamut krispie treat; shiner blonde; melon

dinner at lola’s (on stacey’s recommendation, although i realized that katherine and marcy and i had been there together three years ago!): vegetarian paella; tons of bread and garlic “butter”; housemade sangria. i asked about the garlic butter, and found out that they put raw garlic in a food processor and blend it while slowly adding olive oil, along with salt and lemon juice, until it reaches a buttery consistency. it’s so good!!

mints at the hotel

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  1. stacey's comment:

    isn’t the garlic butter the best thing you’ve ever had? i don’t remember anything else about the restaurant except that i took a ton of garlic butter home and ate it for days. how was the paella?


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