July 9, 2010


July 9, 2010 - .  

1/2 red delicious apple; spoonful of peanut butter

slow rise pancakes with chile blackberry syrup and sliced banana; 1/2 small orange. the pancakes turned out rather strange–i think because the homemade soy milk was still warm when i added it, it made the yeast go crazy–but the blackberry syrup turned out delicious and would be perfect to bring to a classy brunch potluck.

carrot; handful of crazy core skittles (i love the mango peach flavor); handfuls of thai curry, black pepper, and spicy cayenne cashews from HEB bulk; plum

tortilla pizza with five-minute tomato sauce, curried chickpeas, roasted zucchini and onions, and tvp crumbles; watermelon

topo chico and a few sips of coffee at cherrywood coffeehouse

lemon tea JOOSE (same nasty taste, but with a slightly more pleasant aftertaste, and 12% alcohol!); crazy core skittles; shot of tequila + lime and a lone star at club de ville; 1/2 an order of fries with spicy seasoning, ketchup, mustard, hot sauce from a trailer on 6th street; more watermelon

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  1. katherine's comment:

    J-O-O-S-E that’s me!


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