November 26, 2010

stacey- rhode island day 5/ boston- vegan fail

November 26, 2010 - .  

breakfast: garlic bagel with tofutti from bagelz

snacks in the car on the way to boston for lisa’s bachelorette: leftover tofurky; fruit salad; leftover stuffing from portobello; veggie sticks (red pepper; celery, carrots)

snacks in the hotel room: pretzels; sweet tarts; stoudt’s fat dog beer

lisa’s bachelorette dinner at maggiano’s: sam adams lager; they brought me out a salad that clearly wasn’t vegan because it had croutons. i decided to eat around the croutons when they promised me everything else about it was vegan. it turns out they were wrong- it has cheese.  they took the salad away and brought me a second salad with olive oil and vinegar; spaghetti with marinara sauce

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