July 11, 2010


July 11, 2010 - .  

1/2 small orange; breakfast tacos with lime rice, soyrizo, hashbrowns, avocado, tomato, ground black pepper, salsa huichol on a pan-warmed whole wheat tortilla

lone star, ziegen bock $1 drafts at austin’s pizza during the world cup game; one bite of pizza crust (austin’s pizza’s crust and sauce are vegan); nutty banana bread (recipe from ’1,000 vegan recipes’ but instead of chocolate chips i added toasted hazelnuts, pecans, and walnuts)

roasted yellow squash filled with creole tomato raw salsa; steamed kale with honey-lemon-balsamic dressing

soy coconut goodpop and a few sips of a mint chocolate cookie vegan milkshake at toyjoy

tons of watermelon with lime; cvs brand fig newtons

July 10, 2010


July 10, 2010 - .  

coffee and a breakfast taco with black beans, potatoes, and soyrizo on a whole wheat tortilla at cherrywood coffeehouse

medjool dates, handful of cashews from fiesta bulk

carrot; leftover mac and cheeze; sweet potato-guava muffin from freezer; crepe mistakes (see below)

potluck: we brought sweet crepes (recipe from ‘viva vegan’) with chile blackberry syrup (we also made a guava version), and also used the syrup to make cocktails with jim beam and topo chico (1:3:4 syrup:bourbon:seltzer water); other foods there were a soup with tomato and white bean soup; pesto potato salad; salad of tomato, cucumber, and avocado; okra chickpea stew; vegan mocha cupcakes with chocolate ganache; watermelon

leftover crepes with syrup

July 9, 2010


July 9, 2010 - .  

1/2 red delicious apple; spoonful of peanut butter

slow rise pancakes with chile blackberry syrup and sliced banana; 1/2 small orange. the pancakes turned out rather strange–i think because the homemade soy milk was still warm when i added it, it made the yeast go crazy–but the blackberry syrup turned out delicious and would be perfect to bring to a classy brunch potluck.

carrot; handful of crazy core skittles (i love the mango peach flavor); handfuls of thai curry, black pepper, and spicy cayenne cashews from HEB bulk; plum

tortilla pizza with five-minute tomato sauce, curried chickpeas, roasted zucchini and onions, and tvp crumbles; watermelon

topo chico and a few sips of coffee at cherrywood coffeehouse

lemon tea JOOSE (same nasty taste, but with a slightly more pleasant aftertaste, and 12% alcohol!); crazy core skittles; shot of tequila + lime and a lone star at club de ville; 1/2 an order of fries with spicy seasoning, ketchup, mustard, hot sauce from a trailer on 6th street; more watermelon

July 8, 2010


July 8, 2010 - .  

toasted oat cereal with ground flax, agave, almond milk; 1/2 mango

amy’s black bean chili; whole wheat tortilla; 1/2 carrot; 1/2 session lager

veggie pirate’s booty; fig newtons; coffee (beans from andersons) with almond milk

free stuff at a weird art show/concert/party: lots of pretzels with four kinds of hummus from tom’s tabooley; popsicle samples from goodpop; root beer floats with vegan soft serve from toyjoy; lone star draft (not free)

watermelon with lime; cold leftover mac & cheeze with sriracha; fresh ginger tea with agave

July 7, 2010


July 7, 2010 - .  

toasted 1/2 bagel with soynut butter and banana

last of the bean salad from last week in a whole wheat tortilla; small orange; generic fig newtons

red delicious apple; carrot; gingerbread pig from fiesta bakery

woodchuck hard cider; baked mac and cheeze from ’1,000 vegan recipes’ with collards; watermelon

July 6, 2010

emily – houston

July 6, 2010 - .  


lunch buffet at pepper tree (all-vegan pan-asian: too many options to even list, and i think i tried them all and everything was amazingly delicious. i would drive the three hours back to houston just to go to this restaurant, and probably will at some point)

sour lemon mamba

back in austin: free beer (fireman’s four) at a talk about holography at the austin forum on science technology & society. more free beer (cheap stuff) while browsing videos at i <3 video (free beer tuesdays)

roasted squash boats filled with salsa (raw creole tomato and onion, cumin, oregano, sea salt, ground black pepper, sriracha); steamed spinach with currants and balsamic; watermelon with lime

two fig newtons

July 5, 2010

emily – new orleans

July 5, 2010 - .  

cinnamon raisin toast, banana

super green burrito from juan’s flying burrito. i contend that this is the best burrito i’ve ever had. mango iced tea from still perkin’

on drive back to houston: apple; snyder’s of hanover hard salted pretzels; whole wheat bagel with cedar’s spinach artichoke hummus and creole tomato from a roadside stand; watermelon; sour mamba, and classic mamba for comparison (not a huge difference, but i liked the sour a little better, especially sour lemon and raspberry); more watermelon

more pretzels and hummus

July 4, 2010

emily – new orleans

July 4, 2010 - .  

i had TWO vegan failures today. new orleans is a challenge, but these were really due to my own carelessness/lack of planning…

cinnamon raisin toast, green tea, banana, carrot/celery/apple juice from ann’s live food (stand at houston farmer’s market)

fresh ginger limeade at cafe rose nicaud

red beans and rice that were probably not vegetarian. this was due to an emergency situation involving bikes, flat tires, pouring rain, getting separated from friends, eating late, and not having a lot of options- the red beans and rice seemed best and i didn’t ask any questions.

bloody mary at the organic banana. it was the first bloody mary i’d had in years because i don’t really like them, although this one was delicious. however, after i drank it, i asked about the ingredients so i could recreate it and found out that there’s usually worcestershire sauce in them- again, probably not vegetarian. yikes.


carrot; toasted bagel with soynut butter and banana

shiner blonde during fireworks; black chicory coffee at cafe du monde

July 3, 2010

emily – houston and new orleans

July 3, 2010 - .  

banana, melon, jicama, kamut krispie treat (see yesterday’s)

at houston farmer’s market, samples from ann’s live food: green vegetable juice, avocado-chocolate mousse, almond-sunflower seed “omelette”

lunch on the drive to new orleans: farmer’s market baguette with cedar’s red pepper hummus; farmer’s market organic blueberries; melon

banana with soynut butter; kamut krispie treat; shiner blonde; melon

dinner at lola’s (on stacey’s recommendation, although i realized that katherine and marcy and i had been there together three years ago!): vegetarian paella; tons of bread and garlic “butter”; housemade sangria. i asked about the garlic butter, and found out that they put raw garlic in a food processor and blend it while slowly adding olive oil, along with salt and lemon juice, until it reaches a buttery consistency. it’s so good!!

mints at the hotel

July 2, 2010


July 2, 2010 - .  

toasted homemade bread with peanut butter and 1/2 banana; 1/2 mango

leftover 3-bean salad with zucchini, avocado, tomato, honey-balsamic dressing in a whole wheat tortilla; smoothie with peaches, frozen banana, homemade soy milk

four jujubes and one strawberry while babysitting

carrot; banana with soynut butter; samples at central market (raspberry apple juice, dark chocolate raisins, dark chocolate sandwich cookie)

recipe from ‘arabesque’ by claudia roden (a beautiful and great cookbook): pasta with lentils and caramelized onions; spinach pie filling (spinach sauteed with onion, salt, pepper, allspice, lemon juice); 1/2 wheat beer homebrew; 1/2 fireman’s four; 1/2 session lager

on drive to houston: kamut krispie treats with currants and dates (inspired by this recipe for vegan rice krispie treats); coffee (beans from anderson’s)

July 1, 2010


July 1, 2010 - .  

toasted homemade bread; fruit salad of banana and peach

leftover tofu lasagna; valencia orange

carrot; generic brand fig newtons from cvs

vegetarian burrito from chipotle (they started charging $1.75 for guacamole, so i brought it home and added my own avocado); belgian-style wheat beer that i helped brew a couple months ago; watermelon

June 30, 2010


June 30, 2010 - .  

toasted homemade bread; peach

samples of coffee (kona’s rockin like austin blend, really good), raspberry apple juice, granola at central market

leftover tofu lasagna; valencia orange

carrot; wheat thins; red delicious; animal crackers

dinner at promise pizza in round rock: medium pizza on whole wheat crust with marinara, tomatoes, black olives, portabella mushrooms, green pepper, red onion, basil. they had just run out of daiya cheese, so the guy let me pile on the veggies for no extra charge

blackberries; dark chocolate covered cashews

June 29, 2010


June 29, 2010 - .  

toasted homemade bread with peanut butter and banana

carrot; 3-bean salad in whole wheat tortilla; peach

several bowlfuls of toasted oat cereal with homemade soy milk, some with ground flax and agave; peach

last of lentils, rice, kale, tahini sauce; leftover beet thing from the potluck on sunday. i got to examine it more closely, and it was like a sweet, almost syrupy red soup, with beets, dates, squash, raisins, basil, maybe onions, maybe some other root veggies. it was delicious and i ate a lot of it, then got a little weirded out that i couldn’t totally identify all of the many different-textured things in it, which were all beet-colored and sweet from the syrup. nevertheless, i will ask for the recipe.

1/2 cantaloupe; lots of guittard semisweet chocolate chips

June 28, 2010


June 28, 2010 - .  

homemade bread with peanut butter and 1/2 banana; 1/2 banana and peach

3-bean salad in a whole wheat tortilla; watermelon; lots of animal crackers

red delicious

leftover rice, lentils, kale, tahini sauce; 1/2 a cantaloupe

spoonful of chocolate soynut butter; chocolate pecan red tea

June 27, 2010


June 27, 2010 - .  

toasted homemade bread with soynut butter and banana

medjool date and dried strawberries (have you guys tried them? they taste like fruit snacks) from HEB bulk

whole wheat tortilla with a bean salad inspired by this recipe (contains honey) plus tomato, steamed zucchini, avocado; texas peach

red delicious; lots of melted chocolate while making brownies (see below); homemade whole wheat bread

summery potluck: i made root beer baked beans (from a recipe in the latest issue of bon appetite magazine… i omitted the bacon) and garbanzo bean brownies (i forget where i got the recipe i adapted but i’ll send it if anybody wants it); i also had bean dip with broccoli and tortilla chips; pickled radishes and other veggies; gazpacho with a bunch of veggies and vegan sour cream; beet salad with squash, dates, onions, and basil; watermelon with lime; pearl beer, left hand 400 lb monkey ipa, woodchuck cider with a touch of honey, il bastardo red wine (vegan?)

handful of chocolate chips. why??????

June 26, 2010


June 26, 2010 - .  

oatmeal with apple butter

red delicious

tofu lasagna; valencia orange

lots of bread from a recipe by bob’s red mill, fresh from the oven with honey

small bowlful of chickpeas, black beans, and kidney beans with balsamic vinegar

toasted cashews and seeds

smoothie with frozen banana, fresh ripe mango, homemade soy milk, cocoa powder; graham crackers

June 25, 2010


June 25, 2010 - .  

oatmeal with peach, vanilla, honey, cinnamon; one animal cracker

tofu lasagna; valencia orange; animal crackers; crappy work coffee

red delicious; carrot; wheat thins

leftover lentils, rice, kale, tahini sauce; peach; dried pineapple

peach salsa and tortilla chips, grilled pineapple, lone star, sierra nevada pale ale at a bbq

banana with chocolate soynut butter

June 24, 2010


June 24, 2010 - .  

banana; toasted oat cereal with almond milk, agave, ground flax; peach

tofu lasagna; valencia orange

red delicious; sweet potato-carrot-guava muffin

carrot; wheat thins

leftover lentils, rice, kale, tahini sauce; peach; dark chocolate-coconut-oatmeal cookies

June 23, 2010


June 23, 2010 - .  

classic tofu lasagna (recipe from ’1000 vegan recipes,’ i added spinach) as a 4 am snack. i slept before and after this so not sure what day it counts as

oatmeal with banana, peanut butter, honey

1/2 a gingerbread pig from fiesta bakery; carrot; whole wheat tortilla with hummus and tomato; valencia orange

red delicious; wheat thins; nature valley oats and honey granola bar

dinner at whip in: channa dal with summer squash and mint rice bowl; spicy ginger cabbage rice bowl; baltika 4 dark lager (vegan?); valencia orange

peach; ibarra mexican hot chocolate made with unsweetened almond milk

June 22, 2010


June 22, 2010 - .  

toasted homemade bread with apple butter and cinnamon; peach

whole wheat tortilla with hummus, tomato, avocado; smoothie with fresh peach, frozen blackberries, frozen banana, soy milk, water

chunks of energy from whole foods bulk (3 flavors, at least one contains honey); red delicious apple

leftover lentils, rice, kale, and tahini sauce; dogfish head 60 minute ipa

peach; chocolate chips

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