June 27, 2010


June 27, 2010 - .  

toasted homemade bread with soynut butter and banana

medjool date and dried strawberries (have you guys tried them? they taste like fruit snacks) from HEB bulk

whole wheat tortilla with a bean salad inspired by this recipe (contains honey) plus tomato, steamed zucchini, avocado; texas peach

red delicious; lots of melted chocolate while making brownies (see below); homemade whole wheat bread

summery potluck: i made root beer baked beans (from a recipe in the latest issue of bon appetite magazine… i omitted the bacon) and garbanzo bean brownies (i forget where i got the recipe i adapted but i’ll send it if anybody wants it); i also had bean dip with broccoli and tortilla chips; pickled radishes and other veggies; gazpacho with a bunch of veggies and vegan sour cream; beet salad with squash, dates, onions, and basil; watermelon with lime; pearl beer, left hand 400 lb monkey ipa, woodchuck cider with a touch of honey, il bastardo red wine (vegan?)

handful of chocolate chips. why??????

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