July 20, 2010


July 20, 2010 - .  

last of the homemade granola with ricemilk.

evol vegan fajita burrito with last of the mexican rice

tostadas with gimme lean beef, last of the salsa, lettuce. also leftover baked tofu with last of the peanut sauce. it’s been a good day for finishing leftovers!

July 19, 2010


July 19, 2010 - .  

homemade granola with ricemilk.

iced chai and vegan cinnamon streusel cake from metropolis. it was my first time there and i liked it–they have several vegan baked goods.


a friend’s leftover lentil soup and pita from taste of lebanon

seaweed strips

leftover beans, rice, lettuce, salsa all on tostada shells

July 18, 2010


July 18, 2010 - .  

homemade granola with ricemilk. overripe peach ):

bits n pieces lunch: taco with beans, rice, guac, salsa (most of these things were the last little bit). tofu with peanut sauce.

dinner at taste of asia (right by my new place): masaman curry with bites of rama noodles with tofu. oh and we started out with avocado rolls–they had a really weird sauce that tasted like a combination of salad dressing and apple pie. this place is veggie friendly, you just have to ask for no fish sauce.

vegan gelato cone: water-based chocolate, strawberry-celery sorbet, and soy-based strawberry.

July 17, 2010


July 17, 2010 - .  

smoothie with blueberry, mango, raspberry, oj. berry muffin that i found in the freezer.

(forgot to eat lunch)

mexican-themed dinner that andrea and i made to thank people for helping us move: tortilla chips, homemade guacamole, homemade salsa, homemade blended margaritas, kidney beans (with lemon, oregano, salt), mexican rice (i cooked the rice separately, and then sauteed onions, tomato paste, s/p. added the rice and frozen peas), tacos! (i used the kidney beans as a base and then lettuce, black olives, tomatoes, guac). finally, i made margarita cupcakes from vegan cupcakes take over the planet. they were pretty amazing. although if any of you make them, you can probably half the frosting recipe. i have all this extra frosting now and i’m not sure what to do with it.

July 16, 2010


July 16, 2010 - .  

homemade granola with ricemilk. oj.

leftover tofu, cooked cabbage, rice in peanut sauce

a few tortilla chips, some chocolate chips.

whole wheat bagel with tofutti cream cheese

frozen chocolate bananas!

    Click for the recipe.


    • earth balance
    • chocolate chips
    • ricemilk
    • coconut (and/or nuts, and/or whatever)
    • banana(s), cut longways and then in half as well if you like

    in a small sauce pan, melt the earth balance. add the chocolate chips and ricemilk (i think i put a little too much ricemilk in and it turned out slightly runnier than i would like, although there’s a lot of flexibility because it’s going to be frozen anyhow). stir over medium-low heat until the chocolate chips are melted. turn the heat off. dip the bananas in the chocolate mix and roll them around, and then place them on a surface for freezing. i made a little boat out of tin foil and it worked great. after i rolled the bananas around and put them in my boat, i poured the rest of the chocolate mix on top, just so nothing went to waste. then i froze it for a couple hours and voila! it would be fun to put these on skewers and make them popsicles too.

    July 15, 2010


    July 15, 2010 - .  

    homemade granola with ricemilk. oj.

    disappointing burrito, one of my homemade frozen ones, still not very good and this time it was still frozen in the middle ):

    leftover baked tofu, rice in peanut sauce. kale sauteed with tamari.

    gigantic bowl of popcorn with salt and earth balance.

    cookie dough.

    July 14, 2010


    July 14, 2010 - .  

    smoothie with oj, strawberries, raspberries, mango

    leftover tofu, cooked cabbage. brown basmati rice. all in leftover peanut sauce.

    cookie dough

    a few bites of granola i made from this recipe again, except with honey as the sweetener, craisins instead of raisins, and no wheat germ/bran because i don’t have any

    lunch at handlebar: bbq seitan sandwich, plantains.

    nasty ass screwdriver at die antwoord show. check it out!

    July 13, 2010


    July 13, 2010 - .  

    whole wheat bagel with tofutti cream cheese. oj.

    everything bagel with hummus from einstein bagel. hm.

    peanut butter cookie dough.

    a little bit of a san pellegrino, lemon flavored. a friend gave it to me so i thought i’d try it but i didn’t like it.

    dinner: leftover fried rice. tofu baked in the oven with olive oil and tamari. steamed kale. all topped with an adapted version of the ‘spicy peanut dipping sauce’ from vegan planet. that recipe was no great shakes by itself, but i added sauteed onion and adjusted the seasonings a little and it improved.

    July 12, 2010


    July 12, 2010 - .  

    smoothie, same as yesterday

    frozen burrito

    fancy chips made out of beets, sweet potatoes, etc. i forget the brand.

    leftover fried rice, tofu. cooked cabbage with balsamic, tamari, black pepper.

    frozen pb cookie dough

    July 11, 2010


    July 11, 2010 - .  

    smoothie with oj, raspberries, strawberries, mango

    lunch at pick me up cafe: vegan french toast!

    a burrito that i made and froze a few days ago: ginger, rice, cilantro, pinto beans, canned tomatoes seasoned with cumin and oregano. unfortunately, i forgot to try the beans before i assembled everything–i forgot the salt!

    last of the cabbage salad. fried rice. tofu.

    frozen peanut butter cookie dough

    July 10, 2010


    July 10, 2010 - .  

    i think i had a weirdly depressing eating day?

    whole wheat bagel with tofutti cream cheese. oj.

    peanut butter balls

    leftover fried rice, cabbage salad, tofu

    peanut butter balls

    leftover fried rice, cabbage salad, tofu

    peanut butter balls

    July 9, 2010


    July 9, 2010 - .  

    smoothie in my gleaming new blender: raspberry, strawberry, banana, oj

    leftover fried rice, cabbage salad, tofu

    handful of almonds and cranberries

    chipotle burrito (yes fajita, mild salsa only). apparently this new extra charge for guac hasn’t made it to chicago yet, because guac is still listed as an ingredient on the vegetarian burritos.

    our oven still isn’t working and i’m out of chocolate chips, so i made cookie dough based loosely on the peanut butter oatmeal cookies in vegan cookies take over your cookie jar, and then rolled dough balls in peanut pieces that i had toasted. i also just froze half of the dough for later, when my oven does work.

    July 8, 2010


    July 8, 2010 - .  

    i figured out from this website that i am supposed to consume 2009.84 calories each day in order to maintain my weight.

    July 7, 2010


    July 7, 2010 - .  

    tjs honey os with ricemilk. oj.

    snack of dried cranberries and almonds.

    lunch at charlie’s bar in andersonville: every single entree in this bar has meat except for the veggie burger, which is randomly vegan, homemade, and delicious. it was made mostly from rice and beans and flavored southwestern style. french fries.

    amys black bean and veggie burrito. i’m going to go to the store tomorrow and we got the gas turned on on our range (the oven still doesn’t work) so hopefully my entry tomorrow will include a meal that i actually cooked.

    July 6, 2010


    July 6, 2010 - .  

    whole wheat bagel with tofutti cream cheese. oj.

    last of the tjs chick pea curry with rice

    a few tortilla chips

    amy’s enchilada frozen dinner. meh.

    July 5, 2010


    July 5, 2010 - .  

    honey os with ricemilk. oj.

    cinnamon pound cake from fritz pastry; iced king crimson tea

    leftovers from victory’s banner and the last of the pizza

    cranberries and almonds in peanut butter

    a few tortilla chips

    some long since expired tjs chick p curry (it was fine!) with brown basmati rice

    best discovery of the week: a place about a block away which serves vegan gelato. i got a cone with hazelnut, chocolate, and strawberry balsamic. the hazelnut was soy based and the chocolate and strawberry were water based, whatever that means

    July 4, 2010


    July 4, 2010 - .  

    wow where is everybody lately? big travel plans? i feel a little lonely over here

    i don’t know if i’ve already mentioned this, but we couldn’t get someone to come turn our gas on until the seventh, so my food for the next couple of days is going to be a combination of leftovers from my parents’ visit and things i can cook without a stovetop or oven. i have some ideas.


    tjs bagel with tofutti cream cheese. oj.

    leftover pizza

    mochi balls that andrea and i got in little vietnam, molasses flavored

    freedom bbq/potluck: parts of two pizzas that were grilled on the bbq. apparently tjs sells pizza dough in a frozen little ball? i will have to investigate this further. anyway, they were both just a bunch of veggies and marinara sauce on dough with olive oil, and one in particular had some pretty strong traces of cheese from the non-vegan portions of the pie. it tasted so weird!

    also white wine, and lots of it

    July 3, 2010


    July 3, 2010 - .  

    breakfast at victory’s banner: eggless wonder (stir fry with veggies, brown rice, marinated tofu. served with hearth bread)

    leftover pho from the other day

    potluck bbq dinner: i made sweet potato cookies. they were supposed to be pumpkin cookies (i think the recipe is in the archive) but it turns out there was a bad crop of pumpkins last year and as a result most grocery stores aren’t carrying canned pumpkin at the moment. so i used canned yams and just washed the “light syrup” off of them. it turned out pretty much the same as the pumpkin cookies usually do, which is to say great.

    the other thing i made was a chick pea/cous cous/canned tomato mixture wrapped inside of steamed collard greens and then grilled. the grilling was a nice touch, it made the collards less chewy than they have been in the past.

    i also ate tons of chips and homemade guac, a portabella “burger” topped with a friend’s homemade salsa on a whole wheat bun, and grilled corn smeared with earth balance, salt, pepper. homemade sangria. homemade blueberry vegan pie.

    wow, as i write this i’m realizing that i had a top notch eating day. nice.

    July 2, 2010


    July 2, 2010 - .  

    tjs sesame bagel with tofutti cream cheez

    lunch at a little vietnamese restaurant just south of argyle on broadway: a boatload of vegetarian pho for about $5

    2 kinds of mochi: green tea and molasses flavored

    dinner at ian’s pizza: pizza with spinach, mushrooms, basil, vegan cheez

    July 1, 2010


    July 1, 2010 - .  


    a ton of orange juice, i was trying to get rid of it

    past-its-prime subway sandwich that my mom had been clutching and then we forgot about it on the window sill for a while before i got around to eating it. you all know what i get.

    enough food for three people at the chicago diner (courtesy of vicki clark!!): sweet potato fries, mac n cheez, bbq ‘rib’ sandwich (i always get the sweet potato quesadillas and i wanted to branch out–i was glad i did, it was delicious). vegan s’moores milkshake

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