July 16, 2010


July 16, 2010 - .  

homemade granola with ricemilk. oj.

leftover tofu, cooked cabbage, rice in peanut sauce

a few tortilla chips, some chocolate chips.

whole wheat bagel with tofutti cream cheese

frozen chocolate bananas!

    Click for the recipe.


    • earth balance
    • chocolate chips
    • ricemilk
    • coconut (and/or nuts, and/or whatever)
    • banana(s), cut longways and then in half as well if you like

    in a small sauce pan, melt the earth balance. add the chocolate chips and ricemilk (i think i put a little too much ricemilk in and it turned out slightly runnier than i would like, although there’s a lot of flexibility because it’s going to be frozen anyhow). stir over medium-low heat until the chocolate chips are melted. turn the heat off. dip the bananas in the chocolate mix and roll them around, and then place them on a surface for freezing. i made a little boat out of tin foil and it worked great. after i rolled the bananas around and put them in my boat, i poured the rest of the chocolate mix on top, just so nothing went to waste. then i froze it for a couple hours and voila! it would be fun to put these on skewers and make them popsicles too.

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