July 3, 2010


July 3, 2010 - .  

breakfast at victory’s banner: eggless wonder (stir fry with veggies, brown rice, marinated tofu. served with hearth bread)

leftover pho from the other day

potluck bbq dinner: i made sweet potato cookies. they were supposed to be pumpkin cookies (i think the recipe is in the archive) but it turns out there was a bad crop of pumpkins last year and as a result most grocery stores aren’t carrying canned pumpkin at the moment. so i used canned yams and just washed the “light syrup” off of them. it turned out pretty much the same as the pumpkin cookies usually do, which is to say great.

the other thing i made was a chick pea/cous cous/canned tomato mixture wrapped inside of steamed collard greens and then grilled. the grilling was a nice touch, it made the collards less chewy than they have been in the past.

i also ate tons of chips and homemade guac, a portabella “burger” topped with a friend’s homemade salsa on a whole wheat bun, and grilled corn smeared with earth balance, salt, pepper. homemade sangria. homemade blueberry vegan pie.

wow, as i write this i’m realizing that i had a top notch eating day. nice.

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