June 2, 2012

stacey- honey visits DC!

June 2, 2012 - .  

dinner at mandalay with katherine, eva, david, and shelley: this is one of my favorite restaurants. the salads and desserts are the best parts

salads (both salads can be made vegan): the salads were the best dishes we ordered. both are amazing! i liked the ginger one better, but some people preferred the green tealeaf salad. salads shared between everyone.

  1. Gyinn Thoke (Ginger Salad): Shredded fresh ginger, cabbage tossed with Burmese dressing, garnished with
    fried garlic, crispy yellow peas, and carrots
  2. Let Phet Thoke (Green Tealeaf Salad) Fermented tea leaf, tomato, and cabbage tossed with Burmese dressing,
    garnished with fried garlic and crispy yellow peas

entrees (shared between eva, katherine, and me):

  1. Nyat KaukSwe Gyaw: Flat rice noodles stir-fried with yellow beans (Vatana), bean sprouts, romaine
    hearts, crushed peanuts, and lightly fried tofu
  2. Tofu Ohnno Hin: Lightly fried tofu cooked with coconut cream curry sauce ($1 extra for green
    pepper, onion and tomato)


  1. Sticky Rice with Brown Sugar & Coconut
  2. Coconut Ice Cream: Coconut milk based ice cream in coconut shell (upon availability)


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  1. katherine's comment:

    I can’t wait to go back there!!!


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