March 30, 2012


March 30, 2012 - .  

tj’s everything bagel with tj’s vegan cream cheese (not as good as tofutti, but more conveniently purchased and i’m getting used to it). 8oz of tjs green smoothie.

rice and bean mix from whole foods with smoked paprika and salt. roasted sweet potato slices. apple.

snacks at colloquium: hummus, carrots, cucumber, slices of bread, olives

snacks at art opening: grapes, cherry tomatoes, veggie chips

rice cake and clementines

exercise: ~3 miles biking, 30 min on elliptical, 30 min stretching (i’m sore from all of this activity!)

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  1. stacey's comment:

    I didn’t know tj’s made vegan cream cheese..i’m going to have to try it.


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