March 29, 2012

operation: 4-pack commences

March 29, 2012 - .  

i’ve been really good since i got back late monday! i need to cut out sweets a bit, but mostly what i’m trying to do is eat way smaller portions and move my heavier meals earlier in the day. i’m mostly following the advice of this wikihow article.


hibiscus cinnamon tea

lentil soup with pita from cobb

hummus, a tiny bit of bread, and a huge carrot

exercise: biking to school and around campus (~15 miles)–i put my bike on the bus to go home. eventually i want to start biking to school and back twice a week (~30 miles), weather permitting. but i have to work up to it a bit.


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  1. stacey's comment:

    welcome back!!!! ok, i clearly didn’t do as good as you, but i guess my goal is just to eat healthy, not eat less. i did not eat any chocolate chips yesterday, so it’s a start. i like the idea of recording exercise…perhaps because i don’t ever do any. i’ll start keeping track.


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