January 15, 2012


January 15, 2012 - .  

Earl Grey tea

brunch: tofu scramble (recipe on recipes page); saltine crackers; banana

dinner from Dao Palate: soy cheesy wontons; miso mushroom soup; Thai fried rice; sauteed tofu with vegetables on brown rice

at Pacific Standard trivia: 21st Amendment Bitter American (vegan according to Barnivore); beer tasting round: Pretty Things Jack D’Or (vegan according to Barnivore)

saltine crackers


  1. stacey's comment:

    dao palate looks good. how is it?


    katherine's reply:

    at first i thought it was too may wah, but i started trying their non-fake-meat dishes, and i like them a lot. the thai fried rice especially. let’s get it when you’re here, in between donuts and fancy bloody marys and vegan gallo pinto and ethiopian and croissants!!


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