November 1, 2011

special guest star cameo post – minneapolis

November 1, 2011 - .  

hi everybody!

i went to minneapolis this last weekend for my society of music theory conference, and i had some good food. i wanted to share this especially with katherine, since i think you go through minneapolis somewhat often, right?

anyway, i had a late dinner at a cafe called the bad waitress. they have all kinds of vegan stuff specified on their menu. i ended up having the soup of the day (vegan split pea) and hash browns, but i could have probably done something a lot more interesting if i had been hungrier.

the other place we went that i hiiiiiiiighly recommend is the seward cafe. they actually had so many delicious looking vegan options on the menu that i got really panicky and stressed out (i hadn’t had any choices all weekend because i was eating with nonvegans in downtown minneapolis, so it was overwhelming to be faced with the better part of a menu). but it all ended well, i ate some delicious hashbrown scramble with veggies and daiya cheese and got a cinnamon blackberry muffin to go. my friends all got food that looked pretty awesome as well.

katherine, i will miss your presence on greader! let me know if you and michael figure out somewhere else to go so that i can join you.




  1. stacey's comment:

    thanks for the guest post! how are you? how is school going?


    marcy's reply:

    i’m good! school is school, large stretches of stress and uncertainty broken by hallelujah moments that make it all worthwhile. it’s fun having emily in chicago–i keep trying to convince katherine to move here too!


  2. katherine's comment:

    I actually don’t go to Minneapolis often enough, and haven’t been to those places. Next time I’m there I will check them out.

    Today I read about the Western Black Rhino being declared extinct. I also found this very important: .
    I was at such a loss for what to do with this information without gReader. I will let you know if I find a new home.


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