October 8, 2011

katherine – happy birthday Michael!

October 8, 2011 - .  

brunch: toasted everything bagel with tofu cream cheese, tomato, and red onion; iced Gorilla coffee

caffeinated cocktail; sip of whiskey

dinner at Kajitsu: Matsutake Special with Sake pairing

1) Terrine of Autumn Vegetables; sake: Azumaichi (Junmai Ginjo)
2) Clear Soup with Matsutake Mushroom and Tofu
3) House-made Udon with Goma-dare and Matsutake Tempura; sake: Born (Junmai Dai Ginjo)
4) Slow Simmered Vegetables (Satoimo, Carrot, Mizuna, Fried Tofu, Kabocha, Gobo); sake: Sasaichi (Junmai)
5) Assortment of Grilled Vegetables with Smoked Soy Sauce; Matsutake Mushroom Croquet; Grilled Awa-Fu with Sweet Soy Sauce (Buckwheat Seeds, Wasabi); sake: Kokuryu (Ginjo)
6) Clay Pot Steamed Rice with Matsutake Mushroom; Red Miso Soup; House-made Pickles; sake: Suehiro (Junmai Yamahai)
7) Sweet Potato Kinton with Coconut Tofu Cream (Walnuts, Macadamia nuts)
8) Matcha with Candies by Kyoto Kagizen-Yoshifusa

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