September 6, 2011

stacey- back to DC

September 6, 2011 - .  

breakfast: coffee on the plane to chicago

lunch: 8 servings of jackfruit chips (gross..i feel pretty shitty); 3 apples; coffee with soy milk; healthy hoagie sold at cibo express at o’hare airport and made by soul vegetarian east.

dinner: more healthy hoagie wrap

September 5, 2011


September 5, 2011 - .  

iced coffee

brunch: vegan cheddar scone; taco (with refried beans, sauteed leeks + scallions + Tofurkey + cilantro, and tomato)

dinner: whole grain bread with roasted sweet potato, Tofurky slices, mustard, grilled poblano and red bell peppers, and grilled green tomato; heirloom cherry tomatoes

Luna and Larry’s Lunaberry coconut ice cream

stacey- urbana, IL day 3

September 5, 2011 - .  

breakfast at espresso royale: fresh squeezed orange juice; vegan banana cranberry walnut muffin; everything bagel with hummus; hot chocolate with soy milk

lunch: leftover hearty soup; corn on the cob

snacks while apple picking at curtis farm: samples of apples; ginger beer

snacks: somosas with coconut chutney; jackfruit chips; the last of crispen’s beer (vegan according to crispen); boulevard wheat beer (vegan according to barnivore)

dinner course 1: tortilla chips with homemade salsa (heirloom tomatoes*, jalapeno pepper*, corn, apples (picked at curtis farm), green pepper, onion, garlic, cilantro, fresh squeezed lime juice, salt, pepper)

dinner course 2: vegetable curry (wax beans*, carrots, red pepper, green pepper; jalapeno pepper*, summer squash*, tofu, thai basil*, garlic, onion, green curry paste, coconut milk, soy sauce, salt, and pepper) over brown basmati rice

dinner course 3: heirloom tomatoes* and basil* marinated in balsamic vinegar


* = food from my garden)

September 4, 2011


September 4, 2011 - .  

Amy’s tangy sourdough bread

“brunch” at like 4pm: Vegan cheese scones from this recipe, using Daiya cheddar; tofu scramble with vegan ground beef (tofu, shallot, vegan SmartGround, dill, thyme, crushed red pepper, turmeric, cumin, salt, pepper, olive oil, Earth Balance, cider vinegar, Bragg’s liquid aminos); frozen berries plus coconut yogurt smoothie

iced Gorilla coffee with soymilk

dinner: corn shell tacos with vegetarian refried beans, cheddar Daiya, tomato, fried banana, and leek-Tofurky stir fry (chopped Tofurky brats, leeks, scallions, cilantro, Earth Balance, Mexican chili powder); bok choy with panca pepper sauce; 21st Amendment Brewery Live Free Or Die IPA (vegan according to Barnivore); Tröegs Porter (vegan according to Barnivore)

stacey: urbana, IL day 2

September 4, 2011 - .  

breakfast: all bran wheat flakes with soy milk

snacks at espresso royale:
fresh squeezed orange juice; soy chai latte (their chai mix has honey, but they made me a special one with chai tea); sesame bagel with hummus

drinks at the blind pig: unibroue la terrible (vegan according to barnivore); capital brewery island wheat (vegan according to barnivore); a taste of sand creek groovy brew

lunch at golden harbor: crispy tofu, garlic string beans with white rice; jasmine tea

dinner: popcorn with nutrional yeast and salt; corn on the cob


September 3, 2011


September 3, 2011 - .  

Amy’s tangy sourdough bread

breakfast: iced Gorilla coffee; toasted everything bagel with tofu cream cheese, tomato, and onion from A.R.E.A. Bagels

roti from Ali’s Roti Shop (with soya, pumpkin, spinach, veggies, channa, potatoes, pepper)

Panorama food: french fries with ketchup and hot sauce; fried plantains (in oil, not butter); Corona; whiskey and ginger ale; Sparks (stockpiled with caffeine from I believe 2008?)

stacey- urbana, il day 1

September 3, 2011 - .  

breakfast at the farmer’s market: samples of ayala’s herbal water (lemongrass mint vanilla; lavender mint; cloves cardamom cinnamon; ginger lemon peel

lunch at golden harbor: crispy tofu, bok choy and steamed rice with soy sauce

snack while making peach mango creamsicles: peaches; kettle salt and vinegar chips; crispen’s home brew (dark lager with apples)

dinner: hearty soup (onion, leeks, garlic, sweet potato, potato, butternut squash, carrots, celery, okra, cabbage, thyme, salt, pepper,

dessert: peach mango creamsicles

September 2, 2011


September 2, 2011 - .  

Amy’s tangy sourdough bread

brunch: toasted everything bagel with tofu cream cheese, tomato, and onion from A.R.E.A. Bagels; iced Gorilla coffee

from Sky Ice: plum sorbet; sample of bitter melon & strawberry sorbet


dinner at Panorama dress rehearsal: tamarind doubles and roti from Ali’s Roti Shop; Budweiser


September 2, 2011 - .  

breakfast: soy frappuccino; almonds; cashews

lunch:vegan chicken wrap (whole wheat pita with avocado, spinach, soy boca chicken, heirloom tomatoes*)

snack: date pieces in flour; raisins, flour tortilla

dinner 1 on the way to urbana, IL: vegetable wrap (tortilla with avocado, hummus, spinach, heirloom tomatoes*)

* = from my garden

dinner 2 on the way to urbana, IL at o’hare bar & grill: goose island honker’s ale (vegan according to barnivore); french fries with mustard and ketchup

pink lady apple; crispen’s home brew

September 1, 2011


September 1, 2011 - .  

breakfast: mini bagels with peanut butter at lab meeting; iced coffee from Oren’s Daily Roast

lunch from NY Dosas: Jaffna Lunch (4 small pancakes with dry coconut chutney, regular coconut chutney, and sambar soup, served with a lentil donut)


dinner: udon with peanut sauce; bok choy with garlic and cashews; Budweiser

cocktail peanuts and more Budweiser; the last can of Watermelon JOOSE (from caffeinated stockpile)


September 1, 2011 - .  

breakfast: coffee with soy milk; date pieces in flour; raisins; almonds; cashews

lunch: leftover carrot, chickpea, and kale peanut thai stir fry

snack: crazy core skittles (on sale: buy 2 get 1 free); leftover collard green salad; date pieces in flour; raisins; almonds; cashews

dinner: pasta with homemade tomato eggplant sauce and vegan parmesan cheese

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