September 20, 2011


September 20, 2011 - .  

breakfast: last of honey’s nuts; homemade trail mix (roasted squash seeds, date pieces in flour, raisins, almonds, cashews); coffee with unsweetened soy milk

lunch: tings! ; stir fry with roasted broccoli, fried tofu, roasted potatoes, eggplant, roasted garlic, celery, couscous, and brown rice

snack: the last apple from apple picking!; raw “cheese” kale chips

dinner at adi’s: roasted eggplant with tomato and mint (I left out the cheese); old dominon oak barrel stout (i thought i had emailed them in the past, but i guess not.  i just sent them an email)

another dinner at home: bow tie pasta with earth balance and salt

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