June 23, 2011


June 23, 2011 - .  

breakfast: pistachio nuts; coffee with vanilla coconut creamer

lunch: justin’s organic peanut butter cups; corn on the cob; more coffee with coconut creamer; turkish dried apricots; pita with sabra chipotle hummus; english peas

dinner 1: pasta with earth balance and vegan parmesan cheese

dinner 2 at Mandalay (yum!): Mango salad (shredded green mango, cabbage, and onion tossed with Burmese dressing, garnished with fresh onion and carrots); Tofu Ohnno Hin (Lightly fried tofu cook with coconut cream curry sauce with green pepper, onion, and tomato)

dessert while watching  the black power mixtape (1967-1975): popcorn

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