June 17, 2011


June 17, 2011 - .  

breakfast: cereal with soymilk; coffee

lunch from NY Dosas: special pondicherry (rice/lentil pancake with potatoes, spices, and salad, served with sambar soup and coconut chutney); vegan drumstick with red sauce

tortilla chips with hummus

dinner from Tiffin Wallah: (all shared) mysore rava masala dosa; chili, tomato, and garlic uttapam; Bhindi Masala curry (okra, tomato, onion & masala spices) with rice; coconut chutney; sambar soup; Kingfisher beer (may not be vegan?)

drinks at Glass’s: a sazerac (rumored to be America’s oldest cocktail: rye whiskey, bitters, absinthe [specifically, "mansinthe," Marilyn Manson's line of absinthe, the bottle featuring a self-portrait painted in watercolor AND ABSINTHE], simple syrup, lemon rind); sip of Bulleit rye whiskey; sip of corn whiskey

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