June 3, 2011


June 3, 2011 - .  

breakfast from Canteen: iced coffee with soymilk; toasted everything bagel with tofu cream cheese, tomato, and onion

leftover chocolate tofu mousse with cayenne

dinner at Blossom (all shared dishes):

  • black-eyed pea cake (crispy cake of yukon gold potatoes and black eyed peas, served with chipotle aioli)
  • ravioli with cashew cream (filled with smoked tempeh, spinach, pine nuts, and white mushrooms)
  • porcini cigars (hand-rolled phyllo filled with porcini mushrooms, almonds, and ground tempeh, served over a cashew pesto, finished with pomegranate seeds.)
  • sides of mashed potatoes and sauteed garlic spinach
  • port wine seitan (seitan cutlets pan-seared in a sauce of port wine and mushrooms, accompanied by creamy mashed potatoes, tempura onion, and sautéed garlic spinach)
  • feijoadinha with smokey tempeh (a lighter version of “Feijoada,” the Brazilian national dish: a stew of smokey roasted tempeh, black beans, chayote squash, and sweet potatoes, in an orange-lime broth)
  • hickory basted tempeh over horseradish crème fraiche (served with roasted fingerling potatoes and collard greens)
  • Samuel Smith lager (vegan according to Barnivore)
  • lavender creme brulee
  • dessert port wine (hopefully vegan since they’re serving it at Blossom, although I didn’t ask)

The dessert was the best vegan creamy dessert I’ve ever had.  Michael’s dad thought the pistachio and pepper dusted tofu was the best vegan dish he’d had (even compared to Candle 79 and Dirt Candy).

sip of Glass’s gin and tonic at Aloe Blacc

PBR (vegan according to Barnivore), Blue and Gold house beer (may not be vegan), and several different whiskey tastes at Blue & Gold Tavern

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