March 20, 2011


March 20, 2011 - .  

breakfast: mesa sunrise flax, corn, quinoa and amaranth cereal with a banana and rice milk

lunch: leftovers from yesterday-couscous surprise (couscous, blueberries, tomatoes, dried dates, tamari tempeh, red peppers); chickpea stirfry; carrot and cucumber sticks; rice cake

snack at the weir: a sip of sprite

dinner: whole wheat pita (I used this recipe. I used 4 cups of whole wheat flour and 1 cup of white flour. I had to add extra water); homemade hummus (based off recipe number 3, but I didn’t use parsley and I added soy sauce) with carrot and cucumber slices; roasted beets; kale chips (see recipe archive); kale salad; more hamantashan

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