March 20, 2011


March 20, 2011 - .  

brunch: mango peach cereal with soymilk; coffee; leftover agave udon with tofu

Allagash White (vegan according to Barnivore) at Minnesota State Fair Day, while watching Al Franken designate awards for the food-on-a-stick competition

In case you’re curious, the food-on-a-stick play-offs (none were vegan, except perhaps #1 and #2, but most could be made vegan):
1) sangria on a stick (wine soaked fruit on a stick, basically)
2) matzo ball on a stick
3) Jell-o replica of the Boundary Waters Canoe Area logo on a canoe-paddle-shaped stick
4) chocolate chip bar on a stick
5) cheese curd, I believe wrapped in a wild-rice-flour dough, on a stick

Al Franken designated each a winner of a particular category/concept (such as “most Jewish, with no runners up” or “most conventional-and-creative-at-the-same-time”). As far as an overall hierarchy, he was only able to conclude that the Jell-o replica was 5th place.

dinner #1: salad with chickpeas, carrots, mushrooms, other veggies, balsamic vinegar, Bragg’s liquid aminos, and chipotle vegan parmesan topping from 5th Avenue Market corner store

Organic Nectars raw agave gelato (mint chocolate flavor, cashew-based)

espresso at coffee shop

dinner #2 at V-Spot: club TLT with avocado, served with side salad; Blue Moon (vegan according to Barnivore)

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