March 14, 2011

stacey- wow i ate a LOT today

March 14, 2011 - .  

breakfast: banana; peppermint tea with soy milk; date pieces in flour

lunch: cvs cajun blend trail mix (peanuts, hot cajun corn sticks, pretzels, sesame sticks, almonds, and hot cajun seasoning (very salty)

lunch at kababji grill: pita chips with spices; sahan khodra (fresh radishes, tomato slices and mint leave, pickled cucumber and chili peppers and imported lebanese olives); hummus and pita; feter kabab sandwich (grilled marinated porobello mushrooms wrapped with lettuce, tomato, garlic paste and pickles)

dinner 1: leftovers from kababji grill and a buccaneer bar (sold at sticky fingers)

dinner 2: leftover kale soup with melted vegan cheese and nutritional yeast; mesa sunrise flax, corn, quinoa and amaranth cereal with soy milk

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