February 25, 2011


February 25, 2011 - .  

breakfast: amaranth flakes with soymilk; Wildwood unsweetened plain soy yogurt with maple syrup; coffee

lunch: leftover Spanish wild rice with plantains and red bell pepper

a couple Trader Joe’s chocolate sandwich cookies; Vegan Treats coconut cream-filled vegan donut (best website ever!)

rice crackers and red wine (may not be vegan) at happy hour

dinner: more leftover Spanish wild rice; Vegan Treats chocolate chip cookie sandwich with vanilla frosting

Four Loco, more red wine (may not be vegan), Bud Light (vegan according to Barnivore), and sip of Woodford Reserve bourbon (vegan according to Barnivore) at Glass’s party

late dinner #2: Ruffles potato chips; vegan chicken nuggets with ketchup; a spoonful of leftover squash risotto

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