February 22, 2011

stacey- the long trip back to dc

February 22, 2011 - .  

breakfast: smoothie (same as yesterday, but without apple, sugar and maybe something else?)

on the plane from urbana, il to chicago: tomato juice

at the chicago ohare airport: almonds, cashews, raisins, dried blueberries; leftover tofu dill sandwich; black bean tamale from common ground coop

I bought dinner at Chicago Ohare airport: Cibo express sells a lot of vegan food (they even advertise that they have vegan food.  I bought spicy buffalo tofu with celery and garlic mayonnaise made by soul vegetarian east.  other soul veg dishes they sell: jerk tofu wrap; healthy hoagie wrap; southwestern wrap; kale salad. I also found a new type of chocolate bar to try: Nugo Dark- mint chocolate chip (i’m going to save this for awhile)

on the plane from chicago ohare to dc: cashews, almonds, dried blueberries and raisins

dinner: spicy buffalo tofu (organic tofu, soy milk, wheat flour, lemon juice, hot sauce, ketchup and spices) with celery and garlic mayonnaise made by soul vegetarian east; leftover nordic winter vegetable soup


  1. marcy's comment:

    good to know about o’hare! i hate trying to find vegan stuff in airports


    stacey's reply:

    i can’t believe you are still reading the blog! i didn’t think anyone read it anymore!


  2. stacey's comment:

    me too! I was soooo excited to find good vegan food, that I bought some even though I wasn’t hungry. Plus, I’ve always want to try the Chicago soul veg food- it’s great


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