February 16, 2011

stacey- happy naming day blueberry!

February 16, 2011 - .  

breakfast during the baby naming ceremony: Yogi throat comfort tea; 1/2 a sticky bun from sticky fingers (yum)

breakfast at work: half of a sesame bagel with earth balance; more throat comfort tea; chamomile tea

lunch: leftover black bean chili with brown rice; pizza strip from calvitto’s (I have a bunch frozen)

dinner: frozen cran-raspberry juice; pasta with earth balance and nutritional yeast; split pea soup with kale; tortilla wrap with vegan cheese


  1. Blueberry's comment:

    It sounds like the baby is named blueberry…?


    stacey's reply:

    that was her fetus name (i.e. what they called her before they knew her sex). her name is rayna


    katherine's reply:

    how is that ice cream coming by the way?


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