February 5, 2011

stacey- NY day 1

February 5, 2011 - .  

coffee with soymilk

brunch at caravan of dreams: sweet moroccan mint tea; sangria; small house salad with sesame dressing; half a berry pancake with maple syrup; tofu scramble ever served with sautéed mushrooms and greens (amazing); polenta dish with tomato, fake aioli, sautéed greens & vegetables, and black beans

snacks: hummus and pita; corn off the cob; katherine and michael’s homebrew; Jameson on the rocks

dinner: tofu with soy sauce; pickled ferns marinated in soy sauce; radish kimchi; spicy basil rice sticks (see recipe archive); korean bbq seitan in lettuce wraps (click here for the seitan recipe; sauce recipe based on this recipe); enoki mushrooms sauteed in olive oil; pickled ginger; budweiser

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