January 17, 2011


January 17, 2011 - .  


lunch at Gillie’s: sweet potato and apple soup; half a mushroom-seitan burger with field greens and tomato, served with red cabbage salad; half an order of vegan enchiladas (with tofu, rice, chimichurri sauce, cilantro, vegan cheese, and salsa)

Twilight bar (a vegan version of a Milky Way); Qbel double dark chocolate wafer bars (sort of like a Kit Kat bar… by the way Stacey, look at this); Kapa-Kym bar (Russian chocolate truffle); pretzel rods

dinner from Sticky Fingers Bakery: TLT (tempeh bacon, lettuce, tomato, and Vegenaise on multigrain bread); sweet and salty chocolate chip oatmeal cookie; bite of a chicken-less salad sandwich

another Kapa-Kym bar

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