December 15, 2010


December 15, 2010 - .  

breakfast: banana

holiday party (two people in my office decided to cook vegan food so that I felt include!): salad (herb lettuce mixed w kumquats, pear, cranberries (apple sweetened), pecans, olive oil and lemon dressing); a second salad made by someone else in the office; two types of vegan sweet potatoes made by someone in my office; vegan cupcakes made by someone in my office; corn bread; pumpkin muffins with cinnamon glaze; vegan mixed berry pie from whole foods

snack: carrots

dinner made by one of my housemates: red lentil surprise (red lentils, coriander, avocado, oregano, pecans); sauteed red peppers; sauteed eggplant, spinach and onion

dessert: 1.5 pumpkin muffins (they are sooooo moist!);

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