November 20, 2010

stacey- atlanta day 1

November 20, 2010 - .  

pre breakfast: lemonade

breakfast at r. thomas: The Southern Vegetarian (tender collard greens stacked up with millet corn casserole, smashed potatoes and shiitake mushroom gravy. Surrounded by dots of butternut squash, mild and frilly lolla rossa greens and garlic chili flax dressing); raw cashew cheese (seasoned vegan spread of soaked raw organic cashews, red peppers and tamari served with cucumbers, celery and pear slices; nori veggie kraut rolls (nori stuffed with raw cultured veggies, quinoa and garlic chili flax dressing) served with BED dressing and wasabi; peppermint tea with steamed soy milk

snacks: pretzels with dr. cow cheese

snacks/ dinner at my cousin’s wedding:

appetizers: carrots; squash; tomatoes; olives; artichoke; peanuts; almonds

salad: greens with sundried tomatoes

dinner 1: dumplings; tofurky; veggies

this was one of the best meals i have ever had. too bad they took it away before i finished

dinner 2: asparagus, green beans, carrots and sun dried tomatoes

drinks at the wedding: sam adams boston lager; 2 heineken; amstel light; vodka and grapefruit juice (all vegan according to

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