October 14, 2010


October 14, 2010 - .  

breakfast: more store-bought “toast” (large crouton) with ridiculously sweet guava jelly

more cookies, lime plantain chips, and almonds throughout day

coffee and banana colada (ordered without the evaporated milk, which is in many piña colada and similar drink recipes) at Cafe Parquecito in Cahuita, Costa Rica

dinner at El Palenque Luisa: rice/beans (like gallo pinto) and vegetables (mushroom, cucumber, carrot, potato, etc.) with Caribe tomato sauce; pasta with coconut sauce and vegetables; caipirinhas

I specified “totally vegetarian” and “without milk” again in my horrible Spanish, but again didn’t ask about butter, and the coconut sauce tasted a bit too creamy, but it could have just been really creamy coconut milk. 60% vegan probability? Either way, coconut sauce over pasta is amazing and I am going to try to make it soon.

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