October 12, 2010


October 12, 2010 - .  

breakfast: banana; Nature Valley peanut butter granola bar; piece of bread

the rest of the coconut roll

lunch while waiting for next leg of travel, by boat: bread with more canned jalapeño refried black beans; cherry tomato; almonds

plantain chips with lime and Imperial cervesa on beach in Tortuguero

espresso from Buddha Bar (Tortuguero, Costa Rica)

more Imperial beer

dinner at Miss Junie’s (Tortuguero): very pink gazpacho; half of two veggie entrees without the cheese (the two were identical except for the beans), including: avocado, heart of palm, steamed veggies including carrot and perhaps broccoli stem (this could have had butter; I again made the mistake of just using the word for milk instead of trying to specify all dairy); garlicky mushrooms (also could have butter); chickpeas; fresh salad; gallo pinto; baked beans (both bean dishes also could have had butter, but because of how I asked I don’t think they had milk, meat, or lard. I’ll put this gallo pinto at 70% confidence)

cheap store-bought vanilla cookies

late night cockroach adventures: vegan (shuttling two outside, leaving two behind the sink)

late night sea-turtle-viewing tour: felt disappointingly disruptive; while no animal products were ingested, it didn’t feel very vegan :(

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