September 18, 2010


September 18, 2010 - .  

brunch: lemon cornmeal pancakes (same recipe as I have posted in the recipes section, but I added 1/4 c soy yogurt, 1/4 c flour, 1/4 c corn meal, and 1/4 c soymilk) with fresh blueberry syrup (I simply put a pint of blueberries in a stick-free pan and heated, covered, with frequent stirring, until it was a chunky syrup) and tomatillo-jalapeño sauce (similar to the blueberries, I heated about 6 tomatillos and 2 halved jalapeños with seeds removed in a non-oiled stick-free pan on low heat until they were all browned and the tomatillos were very soft and starting to break, then I added 4 cloves of garlic cut into big chunks and cooked a few more minutes, then put all this in a food processor with salt and the juice of one lime); coffee

dinner at Michael’s parents’ house: Dogfish Head 90-Minute IPA; raspberry champagne cocktail; almonds; raw veggies; piece of vegan cheese; vegan macaroni and cheese with apple crisps; vegan mushroom turnovers; sweet potato and regular french fries; seitan piccata (recipe here); salad; red wine (may or may not be vegan)

vodka at The Ice Cage (at Mehanata); PBR at Welcome To The Johnsons

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