September 12, 2010


September 12, 2010 - .  

baked lentil crackers with garlic hummus; espresso

brunch at Pepperocino’s: grilled vegetable panino served with roasted potatoes (the waiter said none of it had dairy)

dinner: ful medamas (same recipe that I used before, see recipe section) with lots of fresh lemon and parsley, served with raw carrot sticks and parsley-flax bread (same as my multigrain bread recipe, with 1:3 whole wheat:white flour, with agave instead of maple syrup, and with added thyme, tarragon, fresh parsley, and flax seeds); mango lassi (1.5c mango, 1.5c soy yogurt, and 0.5c soymilk blended in a food processor); Brooklyn Brewery Oktoberfest (vegan according to Barnivore)

Luna and Larry’s cherry amaretto coconut ice cream

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