August 22, 2010


August 22, 2010 - .  

blueberry lemon muffins adapted from this recipe. i used half white ww flour and added the juice of one lemon as well as the zest, and then took out the cider vinegar. they turned out great. oj.

ginger lemonade from the kitchen sink–this place is great, they have a ton of vegan stuff. i want to go back when i’m hungry.

lunch picked up from the middle eastern bakery by my friend’s house: super hearty 7-grain pita with tons of seeds etc., roasted eggplant spread, very lemon-y potato soup.

more blueberry muffins and several mushrooms (these were the only foods i could grab as i was running out the door to see where the wild things are in the park)

part of an amy’s roasted vegetable no-cheese pizza; sweet potato chips; coconut vegan ice cream in coconut and vanilla flavors


  1. stacey's comment:

    how was where the wild things are?


    marcy's reply:

    it’s a great movie! i had already seen it, which is good because i was super late. i definitely recommend it though…


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