August 18, 2010


August 18, 2010 - .  

you guys, i’ve been bad and not updated for a little while. i blame it on my comprehensive exams–staring at a computer screen for a million hours a day is starting to take a serious toll on my eyes. so if it’s alright, i’ll just start from today.

puffin peanut butter cereal with ricemilk. half of a grapefruit.

brunch at tweet, the restaurant attached to big chicks: buckwheat pancakes with peach compote and fruit on the side. veggie sausage patties. a sip of a friend’s bloody mary (i definitely hate bloody marys and i don’t think i will be trying one again).

ginger snap from vegan cookies take over your cookie jar

pasta with homemade pesto from the freezer mixed with a salad i made a couple days ago (white beans, broccoli, basil, green pepper, onion)

fresh watermelon

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