July 31, 2010

emily: road trip

July 31, 2010 - .  

the last two days blurred into one because i did a big fridge cleanout and an overnight road trip. i ate a lot of weird stuff that i can’t totally remember. i had two notable fast food stops while driving, at what i think are the best options for vegans that can be found at almost any rest stop:

taco bell: good job

for dinner last night i had two fresco bean burritos. “fresco” means that they had lettuce and tomato instead of cheese and sour cream- in other words, i could order something completely vegan without having to make any off-the-menu special requests! good job, taco bell!

subway: frustrations

subway is always a good option on the road, but i had two frustrations: subway’s pizza, which looked delicious when my friend ordered it, comes frozen with the cheese already on the crust (even though they also add more cheese later), so there is no way to make it vegan. also, when i had subway at 8:00 this morning, the subway employee who made my sandwich would not let me pass off my veggie delight as an egg-and-cheese-breakfast-sandwich-hold-the-egg-and-cheese, but made me pay for the veggie delight, which cost almost twice as much even though it contained all the same veggies. in other words, i had to pay more to NOT have egg and cheese on my sandwich!

one other note: i found stage planks at a gas station near memphis. i’ve only ever seen these at gas stations in the south. try them if you see them!

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