July 30, 2010


July 30, 2010 - .  

breakfast: almonds; banana

lunch at bouchard’s for my cousin’s wedding: i don’t think that they normally have any vegan food on their menu, but my cousin asked them to make a vegan option.  the food was delicious.  i am not sure if i have ever had vegan french food.

preambles chaudes: vegan puff pastry; sauteed mushrooms and asparagus

pallet cleanser: lemon sorbet with a slice of lemon

plat principaux: an assortment of vegetables; white beans in a squash bowl; pasta with fresh tomato sauce

pour finir: raspberry sorbet with raspberries

white wine- i forget the brand, but they looked it up and said it’s vegan

snack: almond crunch bar

dinner delivered from via via gourmet pizza: pizza (dough and tomato sauce, no veggies) and falafel

dessert: grapes

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