July 21, 2010


July 21, 2010 - .  

whole wheat bagel with tofutti cream cheese. smoothie with mango, rice milk, a tiny bit of agave, ice.

coffee cake at fritz pastry

tostadas with gimme lean ‘beef’, tomato salsa, lettuce. sauteed kale.

bites of new batch of homemade granola. same recipe as before, but i added a tablespoon of cocoa powder this time.

dinner made with a friend: i made beet-millet patties, inspired by this very simple recipe. i think that next time i would use only one large beet, my mix came out a bit heavy on beet proportionally. i also added carmelized onions with salt, pepper, paprika, red chili flakes. oh and i hate mint so i substituted parsely. they turned out good though! my friend made a really good salad with cooked kale, white beans, tomatoes, and a lemon-y dressing. really good white wine that he brought.

another batch of margarita cupcakes (to finish off the extra frosting)

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