July 11, 2010


July 11, 2010 - .  

breakfast: garlic bagel with tofutti cream cheese from bagelz; mint chocolate lentils from sweenor’s chocolate ; pretzels; english peas (I was very hungry this morning)

more pretzels, del’s lemonade

lunch/dinner at the coast guard house for my sister’s engagement party: the food we ate wasn’t their normal menu.  my mom asked them to make me a special vegan meal (so nice of her!). they made me a great meal: portabella mushroom, kale, white beans, and garlic.  i also ate the vegan food they had prepared for everyone else (not nearly as good): seasoned potato wedges with kethcup; green beans in a ton of oil (yummy); pixie sticks; veggie platter (without the dip): celery, red/green pepper, tomatoes, cucumber. fruit: watermelon and pineapple

drinks: sam adam’s summer ale; long trail (not the hibernator)- both vegan according to barnivore.com

dessert: more mint chocolate lentils from sweenor’s chocolate

dinner two: leftover pasta and veggies from 84 high street cafe; a taste of vegan food my grandparents got me from roch’s market (i really like this place)- ‘vegetarian spinach noodles” and “vegan pad thai noodle salad.”

hopefully this is everything. i can’t believe i ate so much

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