May 31, 2010


May 31, 2010 - .  

spicy refried black beans and mango in a flour tortilla

salad (romaine, spinach, beet, carrot, avocado, cashews, raisins, ginger-miso dressing) in a whole wheat tortilla (HEB); valencia orange

carrot; veggie pirate’s booty; last spicy chocolate cupcake; tastes while making hummus; banana

**thoughts on the perpetual hummus creaminess question: i made last-minute hummus for a picnic and didn’t have time to soak the chickpeas ahead of time, using canned instead. this hummus turned out wayyyyy creamier than it ever has using the same recipe but starting with dried chickpeas. it was way more satisfying than the playdough-y texture i usually achieve, enough to make me consider using canned chickpeas regularly. it’s more expensive than using dried, but still significantly cheaper and more satisfying than buying hummus (unless it’s grandma’s hummus)

picnic with friends: cashew “cheese,” one brick topped with rosemary and lavender and the other with ground black pepper; gluten-free herb crackers; beet, carrot, and spinach salad with herb vinaigrette; homemade hummus; baba ganoush from a can (surprisingly good); carrots, bell peppers, zucchini; flour tortillas; two kinds of red wine (one was gnarly head, which has a confusing entry on barnivore but sounds like the reds are okay for vegans)

ONE coconut water with a splash of pink guava (that is the name of the flavor). coconut water is supposedly high in electrolytes and other good things and is therefore beneficial to consume after exercising or during a hangover. it’s also used instead of blood in blood transfusions (what? yes, i read it on the internet)!

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