May 29, 2010


May 29, 2010 - .  

spicy refried black beans and mango

green and yellow split pea soup (recipe from ’1,000 vegan recipes’ but i added sweet potato and collards); everything bread fresh out of the oven (see ‘herbed everything bread’ in the recipe archive, though i left out the herbs this time and added caraway seeds to the everything toppings); dried mango

more bread; valencia orange; tropical dried fruit mix at HEB

same salad as yesterday, but wrapped in a tortilla; leftover iced coconut green tea from the steeping room; handful of chocolate chips (guittard semisweet are my current favorite vegan chocolate chips, available at central market and HEB)

chocolate chip banana bread and banana-chocolate fudge, both made by a friend from ’1,000 vegan recipes.’ the fudge especially was amazing and only has four ingredients, i’ll send the recipe to you guys if you want it

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    i think i’m going to buy that book


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