May 28, 2010

stacey- wow, how did i each so much food?

May 28, 2010 - .  

breakfast: leftover coffee from yesterday (coffee with soy milk from marvelous market). i have decided that i like cold/old coffee; chamomile tea

lunch: sourdough bread spread with skordaliu from zorbas, red onion, arugula (from the garden), slices of follow your heart mozzarella cheese, a few tomato slices. peanuts

snacks: almonds and peanuts. more chamomile tea. a bite of nate’s banana spread with peanut butter

dinner: stacy’s tuscan pita chips and tortilla wrap with red onion, tomao, cheese and pepper. a second tortilla sandwich, this time I added skordaliu and arugula.

dinner 2: nino’s cuban corn (grilled and spread with a generous amount of veganaise, nutritional yeast and paprika); grilled bread with melted earth balance and a few slices of follow your heart cheese.

drinks: budweiser and peroni (vegan according to barnivore. i sent an email to confirm. i will post their response when i receive it).

Budweiser (mostly vegan!)


Thank you for taking the time to write and ask about Budweiser.

Anheuser-Busch beers are brewed around the world using water, yeast, barley malt, hops and cereal grains (such as rice, corn, or sorghum).

None of our Anheuser-Busch brewed beers or other products contain any animal ingredients (such as milk, eggs, etc), or process aids such as isinglass or gelatin, except for Michelob Honey Lager and Michelob Honey Wheat, which use real honey, and Budweiser and Bud Light Chelada, which contain Clamato.

Stacey, thanks again for your interest.  We hope that this information is helpful!

Your Friends at Anheuser-Busch
Customer Relationship Group
1-800-DIAL-BUD (1-800-342-5283)

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