May 27, 2010


May 27, 2010 - .  

breakfast: Cheerios with soymilk; coffee

lunch: peanut butter and jelly on flax bread; leftover black bean and romaine salad; espresso


dinner at Mamoun’s falafel and then Five Guys: falafel sandwich; grape leaves; Cajun french fries with ketchup; peanuts. Five Guys doesn’t serve quite as many fries in NYC as they do in DC, but still very tasty.

From Five Guys FAQ page (in summary, the bun and therefore the veggie sandwich is not vegan; the french fries are vegan):

Q: Do you offer any food which is suitable for vegetarians?

A: Yes, to a certain extent. Our veggie sandwich and grilled cheese sandwiches are suitable for lacto-vegetarians. One thing to take note of is that our veggie sandwich is NOT a veggie burger. Our veggie sandwich consists of as many “veggie” toppings as you desire and served on our basic bun. You can add cheese if you please. Our bread is toasted, but usually on a separate grill from meat products. However, there is always a chance for cross contamination, so please check at the individual location where you are ordering to be certain. Finally, our fries are just plain potatoes cooked in 100% peanut oil and are suitable for even vegan diets.

Q: Do any Five Guys products contain soy or dairy?

A: Our rolls contain both soy and dairy.

soymilk; ginger ale; leftover orange poppyseed cake


  1. stacey's comment:

    you drank soda?


    katherine's reply:

    about a half a cup, yes. I had it to make whiskey and ginger ale, but then the water stopped running and i was super thirsty.


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