May 24, 2010


breakfast: salty oatmeal and trader joe’s non-pareils

lunch: leftover Portobellas Stuffed w/ Lemon Scented Quinoa and Arugula

snacks: the last of the non-pareils, baked lays, and a lot of cashews

dinner: happy hour at bread and brew (their menu is not up to date). I had the $5 mushroom pizza with arugula (they added the arugula for free) and arrogant bastard ale (vegan according to a woman at the bar who looked it up for me).  I sent the company an email to confirm

desert: turtle mountain’s purely decadent cookie avalanche ice cream

beer response:

Peak Organic Brewing Co. (Completely vegan!):

Hi Stacey,

Thanks for reaching out!  We really appreciate the interest.

Our beers are vegan.  The most common ingredient that brewers use to preclude them from being vegan is Isinglass, which is a fining agent.  We use a vegan alternative.

Hope that helps!

Be well,



Peak Organic Brewing Co.

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  1. katherine's comment:

    I keep forgetting to ask you about “salty oatmeal.” How do you judge its saltiness? It sounds so tasty.


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