May 13, 2010


breakfast: grapes

lunch at Meiwah: vegetable soup (they promised me they could make it vegan), brown rice with soy sauce and seaweed salad

snack: more grapes (I ate a bunch and then realized that some are moldy…perhaps this is why i haven’t felt well all day)

dinner at Zaytinya: grape leaves, falafel, Piyaz (warm giant beans, kale, oven roasted tomato, garlic), roasted cauliflower, cucumbers (their bread isn’t vegan, but they will give you cucumbers instead), hummus

beer: peak organic nut brown (vegan according to barnivore. i just sent an email to them to confirm. i will post their response when i receive it).

more beer info:

Ithaca Beer Company:

Dear Stacey,

In general, most of our beers can be considered vegan as the ingredients are wheat (includes barley and rye), hops, water, and yeast.  We have a couple beers that incorporate some additional ingredients though, like alpHalpHa, which derives its exceptional flavor from local alfalfa honey.  This is done once a year and very limited in quantity, but you should know that it is processed through the same tanks and fermenters as our vegan-friendly beers.
Also, Apricot Wheat is made with a natural flavor extract, so more research would need to be done to know if the extract contains any animal derived products.
Please check out website for beers we brew.  There is a listing of the malts and hops used, and any additional ingredients that we used to bring out a specific flavor.
Allison Graffin
Hi Allison:

Thanks for getting back to me.  Is the filtration process vegan?  Since it sounds like most of your beers are vegan, is there a way to get a list of the beers that aren’t vegan? I have looked on the website, but it doesn’t provide me with enough information to decide if a beer is vegan or not vegan.





Good question.  Our filtration process uses cellulose filters that do not contain any diatomaceous earth.
Beers that contain animal product:
Excelsior! alpHalpHa (honey)
Excelsior! Eleven (lactose)
Beers that may contain animal product through trace contact:
Excelsior! Brute (aged in oak barrels previously used by winery)
Excelsior! Old Habit (aged in whiskey barrels previously used by a whiskey distillery)
Apricot Wheat (natural extract may not be vegan)
Beers that are made with water, malt, hops and yeast:
Flower Power
Pale Ale
Nut Brown
Cold Front
Ground Break
Ex! White Gold
Partly Sunny – also contains lemon zest, orange zest, and coriander
Allison Graffin
Marketing Director
Ithaca Beer Co.

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