May 11, 2010


May 11, 2010 - .  

breakfast: salty oatmeal

snack: CVS brand fig bars and mint tea

lunch: leftover mac and cheese (I am going to be eating this for days) and slices of carrots, cucumbers and celery.

snack: CVS brand fig bars (I have eaten 16 servings of these in less than 24 hours!)

dinner: leftover mac and cheese

drink: yuengling black and tan

more beer information:

MAGIC HAT (VEGAN! except for Odd Notion)

Hi Stacey,

Thanks for writing in. Our beers are indeed vegan. We do not use isinglass
for filtering purposes. We use something called diatomaceous earth, which is
essentially fossilized algae. We did make a beer a while back called
Braggot, a variation of which appeared in winter of ’08 as our Odd Notion,
and that was a mead-style ale brewed with honey. We have not since made a
beer with honey, and we don’t have immediate plans to again. Vinyl does
indeed fit into the vegan category. We hope you enjoy it!

The Voice

> stacey sent a message using the contact form at
> I am wondering if your beers are vegan.  I do not use
> any ingredients derived from an animal including gelatin, milk, honey, whey,
> casein, isinglass, etc. I am interested both in the filtration process and in
> the ingredients that go into the beer itself.  I am interested in knowing
> about all of your beers, but specifically the new Vinyl seasonal beer. Thank
> you for your help.
> Stacey


Dear Ms. Litner:
Thank you for your e-mail.  None of our beers contain animal products or by-products.
Best regards from San Francisco,

Anchor Brewing Company

Hops, water, barley, sometimes wheat, no honey.

Yuengling Brewery

They won’t let me post their response- lame! This makes me not want to drink their beer.

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